Document Security Solutions

Secure Document Printing

Select a solution that will allow you to manage fraud, reduce operational risk, and comply with regulations related to protecting information privacy.

Document Security Printing

TROY’s combination of software, hardware, and consumables can create a secure printed document. By offering a complete suite of specialty inks and toners, security software, and customized hardware solutions, TROY helps to provide personalized, on demand, layered security to your printed documents. Secure Printing solutions provided by TROY deliver trust, security and confidence to your documents and to your organization.

When it comes to document security, no other provider can match the experience and expertise of Martico. Contact us today to learn more about document security!


With a range of software solutions to fit industry specific needs, Martico protects your most important printed documents from potential vulnerabilities.

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Our printers allow you to manage, secure and simplify any end-to-end enterprise printing environment, creating an optimal solution for your business.

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Speciality Inks & Toners

Developed in an ISO 9001 certified facility, TROY inks and TROY toners are of the highest quality and offer specialized security for your documents.

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Security Papers

We assist organizations in determining the level of security needed for your paper stock, and create a custom stock when more security is needed.

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SecureUV Technology

When you utilize TROY's ultraviolet (UV) technology, you can combine visible and invisible text and graphics to create a customized, printed document.

Add a covert layer of security to each document at the point of issue with TROY’s SecureUV Technology. This unique feature allows for the combination of visible and invisible ultraviolet (UV) elements to create customized and highly secure documents which can be printed on plain paper or added to preprinted forms providing a layer of document authentication and fraud deterrence. Any combination of graphics, text, or barcodes can be used for the creation of these customized, secure documents. TROY offers SecureUV ink, toner, and printers that add high level, covert security to text or graphics and enhance document security to prevent fraud by providing authentication for high value documents.

Add a covert layer of security to each document at the point of issue.

TROY SecureUV Ink and Toner

TROY SecureUV Ink and Toner is invisible Ink and Toner which is inserted into the cyan (c), magenta (m), or yellow (y) cartridge slots, allowing organizations who print monochrome documents to add an additional layer of protection to their documents. SecureUV is not easily detected by the naked eye. When utilizing a UV verification light, the areas printed with SecureUV will fluoresce adding a layer of authentication to each document at the point of issue.

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TROY SecureUV Printers

Join organizations throughout the world and enhance your document security, prevent fraud and add a new level of authentication to your high value documents with TROY SecureUV Printers. Each printer offers the ability to print select areas of a document with ultraviolet (UV) ink or toner that is only visible with a UV verification light. By combining visible and invisible UV elements and partial color elements, customized and highly secure documents can be printed either on plain paper or added to preprinted forms for additional fraud deterrence. When using TROY’s SecureUV technology, it is recommended that you have a dedicated printer to eliminate the risk of contaminating your printer with monochrome or color particles.

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