Brand protection & Anti theft

Counterfeiting is thriving

Counterfeiting, a thriving industry, has broken out of the confines of luxury goods to spread its poison to everyday consumer goods such as medicine, toys, clothing, cosmetics, tobacco and alcohol, automobile and aeronautical spare parts. Counterfeit goods represent 10% of world sales, a figure that doubled between 2004 and 2005. In the European Union, seizures of fake foods and medicines were up by 80%. Faced with the extent of this scourge, countries and industries are starting to take action.

Counterfeits Kill More than Malaria

Counterfeit milk powder, medicine, food and alcohol account for 700,000 deaths per year. That’s a major health risk for consumers, and it is both a legal threat and a moral responsibility for corporations.

59% of Western Consumers Will Blame Your Brand

Most people do not buy counterfeits on purpose and part of them will blame your brand if the goods they bought are of poor quality. Also, the value of owning original goods is decreased by the counterfeits available in the market place.

Try Us Out

We offer an artificial intelligence capable of detecting counterfeit products by analyzing the product's packaging with a neural network. This technology allows anyone, anywhere, to verify the authenticity of the products adopting the solution.

With our partner Cypheme and System in Motion we provide brand protection and anti theft technology to the brand owners. Our security features includes both overt and covert technology not only to brand owner to verify, authenticate and trace their products but also users/ customer can verify the products by using smartphone application.


Provide technological support packaging companies to produce packaging materials for the brand owners with unique verification code.

Integrate the packages to their existing database SAP/ Oracle etc.

Develop customized app for customers.

Managing Database and Support Services.